Existing Centre Pivot Farm

Solar System Lease to Own


A Sudanese Fodder and Animal Production Company which established in 2014 is looking for Solar Pumping System with short installment or PAYG Model. The Company owned Centre Pivot Farm of 250 Ha (600 Feddan) located at River Nile State – SUDAN. The Company is successfully growing Alfalfa on 4 x Centre Pivot System. Due to the instability of electricity at the farm, the farm owners are looking to install Solar System to get out of the risk of no irrigation for days.

Use of Funding
The instability of the power supply and the possibility of increasing the tariff by the government to the international average rate put the continuity of the project at risk.
The use of fund is to install a Solar System to generate electricity during the daylight and depend on the electricity at night.

Est. Existing Project Value: + $ 1.5 m
Est. Fund Required: + $ 450 thousands
Yield / Return: TBD
Security (if applicable): Flexible


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